Giving Back

Yoga Bags of Love -$25

When you purchase a handmade yoga mat bag, I will donate $5 to the organization of your choice from those listed below. Email me at to place your order and choose your charity. I will send you photos of the fabric patterns available. I will do my best to ship your order within a week, but please be patient as I do take the time to personally make each bag with love.

Choose your charity:
Asian American Recovery Services
Impact Philippines // Read about my family’s visit here.
Isara Charity Foundation // Read about my volunteer experience here.
Justice Now

My Business Twist:

Although I am proud to have earned a degree from the prestigious Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, it is apparent that my aspirations were always a bit different than most of those around me. While my peers did their summer internships at investment banking and accounting firms in San Francisco or NYC, I was volunteering in Costa Rica to help save the endangered leatherback sea turtles. As my classmates came into our last year of school with job offers in hand and $10k signing bonuses lined up, I took an unpaid internship at a non-profit law office, providing direct services and medical advocacy to women in prison. My first full-time job was in the finance department of a very successful tech company, but I ended up resigning so that I could complete my yoga teacher training, experience long-term travel, and engage in meaningful service work abroad.

It’s clear that my heart was never aligned with the corporate grind and all it’s promises of stability at the price of becoming a slave to the office. It has always been more important for me to use my energy to empower others and create positive change. As I pursue my own business ventures through yoga, my values remain constant as I aim to improve the lives of others by promoting health, happiness, and well-being. I will continue to make an effort to give back to the organizations and communities that have opened my eyes to the goodness that truly exists in our world.

Thank you for contributing to my vision!