Lara Estrada

* Founder + Studio Owner at Yoga Bliss
* 300-Hour Certified Graduate Teacher Training – Mukti Yoga
  Completed elective training in: Advanced Asana, Therapeutics, Chakra Vinyasa, Tantric Kriya
* 200-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher Training – YogaWorks
* First + Second Degree Reiki Certification – Heaven on Earth Center
* B.S. Business Administration – UC Berkeley

A co-worker invited me to attend a yoga class with her one day after work, and that was the day that I fell in love. I grew up taking dance classes and playing sports and was always active, but I found myself being challenged on a whole new level. I had even taken a couple of yoga classes in college, but this time felt different. My mind became focused as I concentrated to balance and stretch my body in different ways. There was a grace and rhythm to the sequence of poses that made it feel almost like a dance. I distinctly remember laying on the floor in a spinal twist near the end of class and feeling like I was in heaven. I left the studio rejuvenated and full of bliss. I was hooked! Even though I couldn’t reach my toes in a forward fold, I continued to practice yoga as a way to challenge my body and achieve peace of mind.

Unfortunately, the happiness that I felt with yoga was not present in all other areas of my life. Just a few months after joining the corporate American workforce, I realized that I felt particularly dissatisfied with my job. Although I had a stable position at a company that was doing very well, even at the height of America’s recession, I didn’t see real value in the tasks I was being paid to do. I didn’t feel that I was contributing to the world or fulfilling my potential by sitting in a cubicle all day, processing repetitive financial data. I believed there was much more to achieve and experience. After many months of dreaming, planning, and saving money, I resigned from my job in order to pursue things that truly meant something to me.

I spent over a year without employment, but I spent that time working in a truer sense of the word. I completed my yoga teacher training during the summer after I left my job, and then spent the next several months volunteering and backpacking abroad with one of my closest friends. We were blessed to journey through Thailand, Laos, Australia, Japan, the Philippines, and Hawaii. Each day of our trip was filled with purpose and discovery. We gained invaluable perspective and learned that there is happiness waiting to be found when you step out of your comfort zone and follow your heart.

Upon returning to the Bay Area from my travels, I got my first “yoga break” teaching at Yoga at Cindy’s. It meant a lot to me because this was the studio where I spent many, many hours sweating as I worked to deepen my practice and prepare myself for training. A few months after I started teaching, I was offered a job at USC and decided to move to Los Angeles for a change of scenery. I’ve continued to pursue teaching in LA and am always eager to share the amazing benefits of yoga with all who come to practice.

After a few years of teaching yoga in Los Angeles, I opened my own studio in October 2015 called Yoga Bliss. It is located in Westchester, close by LAX. We mostly offer heated vinyasa classes, with a few gentle restorative options as well. I hope to see you sometime at the studio!

My teaching style incorporates vinyasa flow with a focus on alignment and attention to breath. I emphasize presence, mindfulness, and connection to spirit. I encourage everyone to seek fulfillment and joy in their yoga practice, as well as in every aspect of their lives.